60PCs LED Light Up Toys Glow in The Dark Party Supplies, Glow Stick Party Pack for Kids Party Favors Including 40 Finger Lights, 12 Flashing Bumpy Rings, 4 Bracelets and More

Bestseller #1 Led Light Toys

  • UPC: 670628994304
  • Manufacturer: FUN LITTLE TOYS
  • Ready for A Carnival! This 60 pieces LED set is the perfect choice and size for throwing any huge party, such as halloween party, wedding, beach night, etc. The rubber band on the beam light rings can be adjusted into different sizes suitable for both kids and adults.  These rings can also be used as flashlights when you go out for a night run. Brighten the Night! Want to be the s... [read more]

    EmazingLights Elite Flow Rave Poi Balls - Spinning LED Light Toy (Set of 2)

    Bestseller #2 Led Light Toys

  • UPC: 849517008549
  • Color: White
  • Brand: EmazingLights
  • Size: One Size
  • Manufacturer: EmazingLights
  • The All New EmazingLights Poi Set is perfect for beginner poi spinners who love experimenting with colors and flashing patterns. Utilizing a built-in eLite Flow Chip, spinners can program up to 3 colors at once from a palette of 20 awesome colors. Then, in Demo Mode, these colors will flow automatically between 8 different mind-blowing flashing patterns. Built-in Flashing Patterns: HyperStrobe, Ri... [read more]

    Rob's Super Happy Fun Store Crystal Bliss - Orbital Rave Light Toy - 4-Microlight LED Spinning Flywheel Light Show

    Bestseller #3 Led Light Toys

  • UPC: 631908834659
  • Brand: Rob's Super Happy Fun Store
  • Manufacturer: Rob's Super Happy Fun Store
  • Create amazing light shows with our exclusive LED orbit! This spinning light toy will amaze for hours with its ever-changing psychedelic light show! LED orbitals are great for parties, clubs, and music festivals! Turn on different sets of LED lights for different effects! Our exclusive Crystal Bliss orbit has two frosted/diffused red/green/blue morphing/flashing LEDs, 1 blue/red morphing clear LED... [read more]

    Rocket Slingshot Copters with LED Lights Glow in The Dark Party Supplies with 12 Amazing Helicopter Flying Toy 12 Slingshot Arrows Helicopter Party Favors for Kids Adult LED Party Gift (24 Piece)

    Bestseller #5 Led Light Toys

  • UPC: 634981805295
  • Brand: Gichancy
  • Manufacturer: Gichancy
  • Product Advantages: -Throw farther than a paper airplane, faster than a frisbee!  -Easy to assemble, just fold the wings, tie the rubber bands, turn on the LED and you're set!  -When you shoot it into the air the wings open and it spins slowly downwards like a helicopter.  -It looks great at night, as the wings on this LED toy glow. -The distance is amazing as it shoots upwards of 200 feet with... [read more]

    Taotuo 20 PCS LED Light Up Foam Sticks Three Modes Color Changing Glow Party Supplies for Halloween, Raves, Concert

    Bestseller #7 Led Light Toys

  • Color: 20pcs Foam Sticks
  • Brand: Taotuo
  • Manufacturer: HAITIANLI
  • 15.5 Inches Multicolor LED Glow Sticks can be used for an Array of Night Sports, Camping Activities and along side an assortment of cool party games.These kids Light-up toys are perfect for school plays, theater props, pirate halloween costumes, and party favors. Specification: Continue Flashing up to 5-8 hours Weight:17g/pcs LED Foam Stick Length:15.5 inches (40cm) Diameter: 1.6 inches(4cm) Us... [read more]

    EmazingLights 4-LED Spinning Orbit: Orbite-X3 - Lightshow Orbital Rave Light Toy (Clear Casing)

    Bestseller #9 Led Light Toys

  • UPC: 849517030717
  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: EmazingLights
  • Size: One Size
  • Manufacturer: EmazingLights
  • Stunning handspun light imagery at your command. The beauty of the Orbite X begins the second you pick one up for the first time. Simply learn the basics, give the LED orbital a few spins and you'll be making beautiful light show patterns in minutes. The perfect flow toy to bring to music festivals, raves, flow art jams or spinning with your friends.Reversible microlights: Customize your light tra... [read more]

    MIDAFON 10Pcs Led Bracelets Light Up Party Favors Glow Toys Supplies

    Bestseller #10 Led Light Toys

  • UPC: 612068408089
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Brand: MIDAFON
  • Size: 10 Multi-color
  • Manufacturer: Midafon
  • Description:Brighte your next celebration with colorful excitement. Bundled in a pack of 10 white Led Bracelets in assorted changing flashing Colors, these festive party favors will provide up to 4 hours of illumination to outlast any event or festivity! With a long shelf life of 12 months, it's easy to store leftovers for future holidays. Whether used for weddings, parties, or outdoor festivals,... [read more]

    24pc Amazing Led Light Arrow Rocket Helicopter Flying Toy Party Fun Gift Elastic

    Led Light Toys


    Launch the helicopter into the air with the rubber band, watch it fire into the sky lit up by its LED light. When the helicopter Reaches maximum height its blades open and it drops to earth again while spinning very fast. Best used at night so that you can see its light working. BEST USED AT NIGHTPackage Quantity :

    JenniWears Light Up LED Sequin Neck Ties Novelty Blinking Party Toy Neckties

    Led Light Toys

  • Color: Red
  • Size: One Size
  • Features:LED colorful tie unisex nightlight flash tie bar, a party queen/kingSpice up the party with a flashing LED light up tie, fun and colorful,2 flashing pattern for you to choose, 6 LED bulb in 3 different color,user friendly stretchable strap, and batteries are included!NOTE: Do not wash, the neck around is elasticSpecifics:1.100% new brand and high quality2.Material: Polyester3.Length: 30.5cm(12 inch)4.4 LED flashing pattens from slow to fast.5.Necktie has 6 LED bulbs in 3 Colors6.Batteries included7.Made by

    Funny Colorful Pull String LED Light Up Frisbee Flying Saucer Disc Kids Toy (3)

    Led Light Toys


    Features: .Interesting Funny Colorful LED Light Up Flying Disc Toy.Open the switch under the bottom of the flying saucer, flying saucer on the handle, quickly pull the rope on the handle, UFO flying over twenty meters high!.And can be suspended for a period of time!.With 3 different color LEDs flashlight creating amazing lighting effect while spinning.Great toy for playing at night.Perfect gift for kids and gadget lovers;It is great for party, clubbing, rave, and concert.Add this flying disc to your toy collection Specifications: .Color:Send It Random.Material:Plastic.Frisbee Diameter:230mm.LED Quantity:3 Package Content: 3 x Flying Saucer(Battery

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